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Kembali is an Indonesian word that means to come back, or to return.

Ceiron is our original head chef and co-founder of Kembali Café. He was working as a chef on a surf-charter yacht in Sumatra, Indonesia, when one night his camera got stolen by someone from another boat. He asked the locals how to ask the thief to bring the camera back and they said to scream “KEMBALI!! KEMBALI!!” He thought what a great name for a café and the rest is history..

We opened the doors of our Indonesian inspired café two years later in Blueys Beach, NSW. Ten years down the track and the goal for our talented team is still to create a dining experience so that people who visit will always “Kembali”.

Our co-founders Ceiron and Melissa’s love for surfing and travel were the inspiration for opening an Indonesian style café at Blueys Beach in 2014. The beautiful beaches and waves in our area have always been a drawcard for surfers, and what surfer doesn’t love a Nasi Goreng! Ceiron’s 30 years of experience as a chef in Australia & Indonesia allowed them to create a unique menu that was a hit from day one.

Our current head chef Kevin and his wife Maria joined Kembali in 2017. They were working in a restaurant in Forster at the time and happened to go for lunch at Kembali and saw we were advertising for staff. They decided to go for it.

Both being from Java, Indonesia, Kevin is an experienced chef and Maria has years of hospitality experience, making them a perfect fit for Kembali Cafe. Together they are a powerhouse team and have added their own special flair to our menu and dining experience.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful staff and we absolutely love our customers who visit regularly and always “Kembali”.



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